Isles Anniversary: Fightin’ & Branslin’ & Dyein’
Or, the Perfect Day & Night of War

November 17-19 2017

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About the Event

The Shire of Isles is pleased to host a weekend chock full of the best parts of war: Melees until you can’t stand up, shady camping and fighting beneath majestic oaks, dancing and a variety of classes, tournaments and archery shoots to test your skill at arms.

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Note: This event will happen come rain or shine!


Friday November 18 Saturday November 19 Sunday November 22

Things to do and eat:

Saturday Evening Feast: Join us Saturday evening for a night of Arabian culinary pleasures! Including dishes rich, succulent, tangy, and sweet, with accompanying poetry. The feast will include: Accompanying beverages include mint lemonade and hot tea.
Please contact the chef, Lady Elisheva bat Yisrael at to reserve seats, and for any food allergy concerns and potential modifications.

Call for classes & activities: We have water, and electricity, and space onsite to enable large or messy projects. If you wish to teach a class or demo, please contact THL Gwen Hir at If it would please you to organize other activities not mentioned above, please contact the Don Todde at and we'll get them scheduled.

Thursday night crash space: If you need to begin Friday on the near side of downtown Caid, please contact Don Todde to inquire about hospitality in Isles. We'll try to help.

Class Descriptions

Make Fire!

Lady Hette Vitze & Lord Thorbjorn Ivarsson
Friday 8-10pm at the Fire Pit
A comfortable fire in the center of a camp is essential to civilization and comfort in the darkness of the night. This is a hands on class where students learn to make fire using char cloth, furison (steel striker) and flint. Learn how to make your own char cloth out of natural fiber.
Please wear natural fibers for safety.
Students are welcome to bring historical fire making items and we'll learn together how to safely start a fire.

Warp-Weighted Loom

Baroness Astra Christiana Benedict
Saturday all day - beginning at 10am
Learn techniques for weaving on a historical style of loom. This is an all-day lecture/demo starting with the warping process, including weaving the header band, tying heddles and weighting the warp on a narrow sample piece. Come and go, or stay for the entire time. Students will get hands-on time with steps they’re present for.

Making Period Stories Your Own

Lady Hannah Story Teller
Saturday 10:30am-noon
Want to tell period stories around the fire, but frustrated by how inaccessible they can be to modern audiences? In this class, we will discuss some of the changes that can make period stories more palatable to modern audiences while leaving the core of the story intact. We'll also workshop a story from the Mabinogion, and everyone will leave with a new story in their repertoire! No previous storytelling experience required.

Dyeing: Indigo & Shibori

THLady Mariam Albarran
Saturday 11am-3:30pm
Learn a simple resist (shibori in Japanese) pattern, and try it out on the included cotton kerchief! Results from indigo is nearly instant, unless you want a darker color result. Additional cotton and silk scarves and wool yarn available for purchase; BYO and dye in indigo for $2/item.

Naturally Dyeing a Rainbow

THLady Mariam Albarran
Saturday 11am-3:30pm
Bring your own items and dye a rainbow! There's a lot of downtime when dyeing, so plan to pop in every hour or so. SCA period Western European red, yellow, blue, and brown dyes will be set up; overdye for orange, purple, and green! Start before 1pm for the best results! Limit 7 hanks of yarn or sq yard fabric samples. No yardage or thick (denim or canvas) fabric, please! Additional cotton and silk scarves and wool yarn available for purchase.

Bransles for All

THLady Delphine de Montallieu
Saturday 11am-noon
Easy and fun 16th century French dances, including as time permits: Single/Double Bransle, Charlotte Bransle, Pease Bransle, Washerwoman's Bransle, Horse's Bransle, Montarde Bransle

Beginning Drop Spinning

THLady Delphine de Montallieu
Saturday 1-2pm
Learn to make your own yarn using a hand spindle.  Materials will be provided, though if you have your own spindle, please feel free to bring it.

Silk Flag Painting

Lady Kong Lian
Part I - Saturday 1:30pm-3:30pm
Part II - Sunday 9-11am
Create a square flag or ornamental silk hanging using the gutta resist method in this two-day workshop. Make your design ahead of time and bring your heraldry or a period pattern, drawn out in bold pen. Maximum design size 15" x 15"; finished size is 17" x 17". We'll be using heraldic Dyna-Flo colors, plus a few colors known in natural pigments.
Students who will only be present on Saturday are welcome -- they’ll need to work quickly to finish their flag.
Class fee $30. Class limit 12.

Penannular Brooches

Lady Adelais de la Tour
Saturday 2-3pm
I'll present a few examples of different styles of penannular brooches found from Roman times through the Viking era, then we'll make simple penannular brooches, including shaping, hardening, and filing the wire to produce a functional brooch that the student can take with them and wear. Beginner/Intermediate class.  $1 materials fee.  Class limit 9.
Required tools (limited loaners will be available, so please bring what you have): wire cutters, jewelry pliers (chain/flat nosed, round nosed), dowel/mandrel/other rigid cylindrical object, anvil, chasing hammer, metal file.

Additional information:

Site Registration:
Site Registration: Adults $30 or $25 with SCA Membership.
Adults attending Sunday only will pay $20 or $15 with SCA Membership.
Children under 18 are guests of the Shire.
Feast is $12; please reserve seats by emailing
Please make checks payable to SCA Inc., Shire of Isles.
Merchants are welcome with their site registration, but please contact the event steward in advance.

Site Regulations:
Besides the main fire pit, all other fire pits are required to be elevated 12 inches off of the ground and fully contained
Alcohol is permitted
Dogs, etc are permitted but must be cleaned up after
Donot dump liquids on the lawns

Event Steward: Don Todde mac Donnell, (805)280-5154, or 7263 Georgetown Rd, Goleta, CA 93117.

Event Directions

The event will be held at Live Oak Campground, 4600 CA-154, Santa Barbara, CA 93105.

Please note: We are unable to post signs away from the driveway off Hwy 154. If you’ve never been to the site, it can be easy to miss the driveway (especially in the dark). Live Oak Camp shares an entrance with the Rancho San Marcos golf course, but Live Oak Camp also shows up in Google Maps. Also, consider setting your trip odometer at the points noted to avoid missing the turn!

From the South and East

Take Hwy 101 North through Santa Barbara, and take the exit for Hwy 154.
Exit onto Calle Real, then turn right onto Hwy 154. Reset your odometer NOW.
Drive 16.8mi, which will take you over San Marcos Pass, then down the other side. At the very bottom of the hill (when the road starts to head slightly uphill), turn right into the driveway.
Turn left (towards Live Oak Camp), then follow the flags to site.

From the North

Take Hwy 101 South, and take the exit for Hwy 154.
Turn left onto Hwy 154/San Marcos Pass Rd. Reset your odometer NOW.
Drive 8.6mi to the traffic circle. Continue straight through the circle to stay on Hwy 154/San Marcos Pass Rd.
Drive 11.8mi (20.4mi total). Turn left into the driveway, just before road grades uphill.
Turn left (towards Live Oak Camp), then follow the flags to site.

From the West

Take Hwy 246 East to Hwy 154, turn right at the traffic circle.
Continue straight through the circle to stay on Hwy 154/San Marcos Pass Rd.
Drive 11.8mi (20.4mi total). Turn left into the driveway, just before road grades uphill.
Turn left (towards Live Oak Camp), then follow the flags to site.